Hazelcast 5.0, changes to WildFly, Scene Builder 17, Hibernate ORM


This week’s Java summary for September 27, 2021, features news from JDK 18, Hazelcast 5.0, Hibernate ORM point and release candidates, Spring Initilizr 0.11.0, significant changes planned for WildFly, Open Liberty 21.0 .0.10, Scene Builder 17, JReleaser 0.7.0, JDKMon 17.0.5, RefactorFirst 0.3.0, TornadoVM 0.11 and Sonatype are dropping TLSv1.1 from their publish servers.

JDK 18

Build 17 of JDK 18 early access versions was made available last week with updates of Build 16 which include fixes to various problems. More details can be found in the release notes.

For JDK 18, developers are encouraged to report bugs through the Java Bug Database.

Spring frame

After a very busy previous week, it was a quiet week in the spring with the Release of Spring initialization 0.11.0 with 15 bug fixes, enhancements, and dependency upgrades which include: end-of-life support for JUnit 4 and Gradle versions 4 and 5; and adding support for 7th year. More details can be found in the release notes.


With recent changes in the Java ecosystem such as the release of JDK 17, the development of Jakarta EE 10 well underway and the migration of the javax To jakarta namespace, Red Hat has announcement that significant changes are planned for WildFly in future releases. Specifically, PicketBox, the obsolete legacy security package, has been removed with the Release of WildFly 25 beta 1. WildFly Elytron Security, first introduced in WildFly 11, will now be the default security layer. Red Hat anticipates that support for Jakarta EE 10 will be offered with the release of WildFly 28.

Open freedom

IBM has promoted Open Liberty from its beta version to fully support JDK 17 as well as notable bug fixes such as: several vulnerabilities in Apache Commons which affected Open Liberty; and the Disclosure of information vulnerability. Further details can be found in the problem list.

Hazelcast 5.0

In July 2021, Hazelcast introduced the Hazelcast platform, a merger of the now historic Hazelcast IMDG and Hazelcast Jet products. Last week, Hazelcast has published Hazelcast Platform 5.0 with new features such as: extended SQL support, a new Persistence API, flow processing for data analysis, and Compact Format, a new compact serialization format. InfoQ will follow with a more detailed report.


On Hibernate, point and publish candidate versions of ORM hibernation have been made available to the Java community.

Version 5.3.23.Final offers bug fixes and deprecates the Java Authorization Agreement for Containers (JACC) and Java management extensions (JMX) frameworks in preparation for Hibernate ORM 6.0.

Version 5.6.0.CR1 supports GraalVM 21.2.0 and a refactor of the SchemaMigrator and SchemaValidator interoperability interfaces with Reactive hibernation.

Scenes generator

Gluon a published Scene Builder 17 with support for JDK 17 and JavaFX 17. New features include: the ability to generate controller skeletons in Kotlin; and controller skins can now be copied or saved in projects using their own respective “save as” buttons. More details can be found in the release notes. InfoQ will follow with a more detailed report.


JReleaser 0.7.0 was published, with: the possibility of adding tasks to remove JDKs from the hiding place; ability to add an option skip a version; spend a artifact platform as a model during tool processing; and the ability to process only template files ending with the .tpl extension. More details can be found in the changelog.


The last version of JDKMy, a new tool that monitors and updates installed JDKs, has been made available to the Java community. Created by Gerrit Grunwald, Senior Engineer at Azul, version 17.0.5 includes: a progress indicator on the main window which displays an update process in progress; and information on a tooltip for a distribution in use indicated by the wildcard character (“*“) character.

Refactor first

Jim bethancourt, Senior Software Consultant at To improve, an IT services company offering training, consulting, recruiting and project services, has announcement The liberation of Refactor first 0.3.0. This Release supports JDK 17 and new features include: Explorer mode is now default on the generated bubble chart; and, like Google Maps, it is now possible to zoom and pan in the bubble chart.


TornadoVM, an open source software technology company, released TornadoVM version 0.11 with compiler upgrades to save overall thread count and interoperability with Graal 21.2.0 and JDK 8 with JVMCI 21.2.0.

Juan fumero, Research Associate, Advanced Processor Technologies Research Group at the University of Manchester, presented TornadoVM at QCon London in March 2020 and has since contributed to this InfoQ technical article.

An example application using Docker can be found on this GitHub deposit.


Sonatype has announcement this support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol version 1.1 was removed from their publishers last week in favor of TLSv1.2. Services intended for main users, repo1.maven.org and repo.maven.apache.org, have already been configured with TLSv1.2, but other endpoints such as https://search.maven.org and https://oss.sonatype.org, among others, are affected by this change. InfoQ will follow with a more detailed report.


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