Great egret launches flight at golden sunrise in Grant County


Photographer: Paula Zanter-Stout

Picture taken: September 4, 2021, at Lind Coulee Waterway, Grant County

Photographer’s description: “With the morning mist rising from the warmer water against the cooler air at sunrise, I made my way to a nearby waterway which is particularly scenic and captured this great egret soaring. of water in flight. I especially like the way there is a shadow of its wings on the steam or fog, and the reflection on the water below as well. Also the color brought by the rising sun. Taken with a Nikon D3500 and a 70-300mm lens.

Criticism: “I can already hear a chorus of ‘wow’ when people click on this page. It is a photo of breathtaking beauty. The color is beautiful and reminds me of an oil painting. All of that morning gold also provides a great backdrop for the dark bird and its bright splash. My brain wants to correct the horizon by rotating it slightly counterclockwise, but regular readers have heard this before. Thanks so much for sharing. Good work.”

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