FSU’s Flying High Circus is back


Few schools can say that they have their own circus. In fact, there are only two in the United States, one being the state of Florida, but you can’t have a real circus without a big top. FSU is the only university in the country to have its own big top, the traditional circus tent that everyone imagines. Seeing a performance in the FSU tent should be on every student’s list so they can experience it at least once before graduation.

The FSU Flying High Circus is a sight to see, and they seem to deliver at every performance. Students from all walks of life and majors took part in the circus, and many look forward to seeing them every year.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, they were unable to practice or perform until recently. This is a significant problem due to the fact that the circus is, for the most part, run by students and relies on in-person rehearsals. Fortunately, the circus has made a big leap from remote programming and is ready to continue delivering the fantastic shows that everyone has come to expect.

Every year the FSU Circus puts on a Halloween themed show, which is great for getting people into the spooky spirit. There are skeletons that start dancing, zombies that make the crowd laugh, and pirates that turn the audience on. This makes it all the more impressive that they haven’t had so much time to practice and prepare, but still pulled off an incredible stylistic show this latest series.

The Halloween show was well paced and creative. It was always exciting to see the costume design with each new artist coming out to do their act. Humor was also present throughout the show, giving it a traditional circus clown vibe and providing emotional relief after seeing the more daring performances. The humorous mime also entertained audiences as he prepared for the next act. It’s always beneficial when performers interact with the crowd, and the mime acting like a gravedigger throwing an invisible ball back and forth with the audience was a great feature of the show.

Besides the performance, everything that completed the circus was also excellent. From concessions to merchandise, the circus offered a complete and singularly aesthetic experience. Upon entering the circus, everyone is greeted with candied pecans, the smell of funnel cake and the colors of the marquee, decorated with garnet and gold.

Arguably the best item they were selling was their fresh and well-designed poster, which had vibrant blues and reds and a vintage aesthetic. The performance was of high quality and must have impressed all the spectators who missed it last year.

From the performances to the presentation itself, the FSU circus has delivered every moment. It was great to finally see other Florida State students come back in action doing something they love so much, and those who attended could no doubt feel the passion in their performances. Director Chad Matthews couldn’t have put it better.

“It will take that kind of effort to make up for lost time, but we are delighted to be taking up and looking forward to the challenge,” said Matthews. “Well the challenge was accepted and successfully performed. After not being able to do their annual spring semester in 2021, it was inspiring to see the student performers put everything they had into the show. “


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