Fast 10 Set Video Teases Epic Car Stunt Scene With New Character


A new video from the set of Fast X offers a taste of an epic stunt scene with the mysterious character of Daniela Melchior behind the wheel.

A video of the filming of x fast teases a car stunt scene featuring Daniela Melchior’s mysterious new character. After the success of F9Vin Diesel is set to return as Dominic Toretto in the upcoming x fast. The film was originally set to be directed by franchise veteran Justin Lin, but after Lin suddenly left production just days after filming, Carrier director Louis Letterier stepped in to replace him. Little is known about the next fast furious installment, but the film is expected to act as the penultimate entry in the franchise.

x fast brings back almost all of the main cast from the franchise, including Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Jordana Brewster, Sung Kang, and Nathalie Emmanuel, among others. In addition to the large returning cast, the film is also expected to introduce a handful of new characters, played by actors including Melchior, Brie Larson, Jason Momoa, Michael Rooker, Alan Ritchson, and Rita Moreno. Details about the plot of x fast are rare so far, but Diesel showed off some of what’s to come on his Instagram account, including first looks at many sets, stunts and characters.


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Now, in a new video posted to his Instagram, Melchior has given fans their first look at his unknown character, this time behind the wheel of a car. Melchior teases that she can’t show the color and model of her car or who she’s with, but promises the movie will be “EPIC.While the black and white video doesn’t reveal much, it does reveal that Melchior’s character will be taking part in some of the automotive action the franchise is known for. Check out the post below:

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Like many other images and videos from the set of x fastUnfortunately, Melchior’s post doesn’t provide any guidance on what the film is about or how it will balance its massive cast. Previous posts from Melchior have revealed her stunt double as well as her character’s clothing and tattoos, but this is the first time fans have seen her behind the wheel. Considering most characters in franchise driving vehicles portray aspects of their personalities in some way, it’s possible that Melchior’s vehicle, when finally revealed, will provide a better sense of his role in the film.

With Momoa confirmed to play the villain in the upcoming film, it remains to be seen whether Melchior’s character will be friend or foe to Diesel’s Toretto. Considering the abundance of confirmed “good” characters in x fast so far, it would be interesting to see Melchior play a villain, especially after the actor’s memorable Ratcatcher performance in The Suicide Squad. With x fast Now well into production, hopefully fans won’t have long to wait before an official teaser or promotional image reveals more information about the film and its new characters.

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Source: Daniela Melchior/Instagram

  • Fast X / Fast & Furious 10 (2023)Release date: May 19, 2023

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