Does your house need a repaint? Try the color of the year: October mist


It’s official and the winner has been announced: Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2022 is October Mist 1495.

The paint company describes the color as a “lightly shaded sage” that evokes the “silvery green stem of a flower.”

October Mist is a shade from Benjamin Moore’s 14 on-trend color palette, chosen by color and design experts who determine the commonalities between national and global cultures and aesthetic disciplines of design, art and design. fashion.


Choosing a paint color for a room is often the most difficult design decision for homeowners, says Marlaina Teich, Merrick-based interior designer of Marlaina Teich Designs.

“Even though it’s easy to change, it can seem like a big commitment and we want to get it right the first time,” Teich said.

Some colors, like blues and grays, are restful and have become more popular in recent years. Yellow, on the other hand, while bright and cheerful, can be too stimulating and therefore not advisable for a nursery, Teich says.

A paint color can serve as a backdrop, blending into the background of a room where furniture takes center stage, or it can set the mood of the space, from romantic to fun, energetic or brooding, Teich notes.

“It has less to do with the hue itself or even the tone, but more with the relationship between the walls and the furniture,” she explains.

Pairing dark walls with light decorations can create an elegant, monochrome design scheme where the color of the wall is as important as that of the furniture. Still, with bold colors and prints that draw attention to the furniture, the dark walls become a neutral backdrop.


October Mist, according to Teich, is a versatile color that gives off a restful, meditative vibe.

“October Mist can be used in a Zen meditation space to create an elegant and calm ambience, or also effectively in a farmhouse for a modern home feel,” Teich remarks.

When paired with other neutrals and in semi-darkness, the shade can appear more gray-brown. Paired with flashier color accents in brighter lighting, it looks more sage green and would be perfect for a shabby-chic space or a children’s playroom, she says.

Teich recommends October Mist in a guest bedroom with plush white bedding, sheer window treatments, and soft lavender accents.

“A vase with fresh lavender or eucalyptus on the nightstand and crisp white linens folded over a luggage rack at the foot of the bed would be the perfect way to welcome home guests,” she says.


For painting ceilings and moldings in a room painted in October Mist, Teich suggests Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17, in a matte finish.

“While I’m a fan of gloss and semi-gloss in general, this color is a rare exception that calls for a more rustic application,” Teich explains.

For furnishings, look for minimal organic pieces: white upholstered sofas, chairs, and headboards; wood-colored driftwood floors; and wooden tables and surfaces. Accent with brushed silver hardware and sculptural silver objects.

Next, focus on nubby textures that pair well with October Mist, like a woven wool rug on a hardwood floor.

The color would also look great in front of a grass canvas wallpaper accent wall in a beige or dark brown for a more naturalistic texture and contrast for added visual interest, Teich explains.

For lighting, wall lights with an abstract and naturalistic pattern and chandeliers made with natural and earthy materials such as wood on metal all about dimmers put a sullen tone to the space.

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