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It’s official, the third series of DESIGN POD, sponsored by Minotti London, will land in August. The podcast for all design and architecture enthusiasts aims to create unique conversations and provides a unique platform to amplify leading designers, architects and creative experts.

The series, which will contain eight curated episodes, will kick off with Episode 19; an exclusive interview with Nils Sveje and Kyoko Inoda, co-founders of INODA+SVEJE, which was one of the few protagonist studios behind Minotti’s 2022 collection. The duo joined me on the podcast couch just a week after Milan Design Week to record the episode where we discussed how their latest products – Yoko, Lars and Sendai – met the design community. and architecture as they launch during the show as well as explore the design duo’s unique approach to product design.

Next, Episode 20 will explore a hotel concept that hotel designs interested since its conception. Fresh out of a Ted Talk on creating the world’s first positive energy hotel, developer and former designer and architect Ivaylo Lefterov, on a whirlwind tour, joined me live at the Minotti London showroom for discuss how SVART will break down boundaries when it comes to net zero architecture, sustainable hospitality and luxury travel.

Episode 21 will feature Holly Hallam, Managing Director of Design LSM, who arrived on the podcast couch full of energy to explore the topic “a new era of lifestyle.” At the time of recording, Design LSM had completed several lifestyle hospitality projects including Kiss the Hippo, Jiji in London, and were in the process of redesigning the iconic Heythrop Park.

In episode 22, DESIGN POD will be taken over by a legend of the interior design scene. British designer Sue Timney, who recently became a judge for the 2022 Brit List Awards, joined me to discuss some of her statement projects and partnerships, including an appearance on Grand Designs as well as working on several projects high-end residential.

Approaching the podcast from a slightly different angle – meeting a designer working for a brand rather than a design studio – episode 23 will welcome Matthew Balon, head of design at Ruby Hotels, to discover the theme of “ lean luxury” in today’s competitive industry. hotel scene where lifestyle hotels must not only sing and dance in terms of offerings, but also be accessible and affordable.

Spreading our wings outside the UK, Episode 24 will capture a relevant theme outside of design and architecture parameters. “Sliding doors” will be the subject, inspired by the 1998 romantic comedy starring Gwyneth Paltrow. The episode will welcome Brian Messana, co-founder of Messana O’roke, and celebrate the upcoming release of the studio’s first monograph, Messana O’Rorke: building blocks, with a text by Mayer Rus and a preface by Thomas Phifer, to be published by Rizzoli in October. The episode will highlight moments in Messana’s career and life that marked new chapters in design and architecture.

Continuing in New York, DESIGN POD Episode 25 will welcome Karen Stonely, co-founder of SPAN NY on the podcast to explore wellness in design. In this episode, Stonely, focusing on both loud and quiet case studies, will address how each of the studio’s projects sensitively injects meaningful senses of place. Additionally, the episode will explore the architect’s definition of wellness in 2022.

Concluding the series with style and speed, Episode 26 will welcome architect Lorraine Stoutt Griffith, Principal of Twelve Architects, to explore the theme of where engineering and design meet. The episode will put one of Griffith’s current projects called Escapade Silverstone in the spotlight, a space which, when built, will seamlessly merge hospitality and motorsport in an original way – right on the edge of the iconic Silverstone race track, home of the UK Grand Prix.

DESIGN POD, sponsored by Minotti London, is available to listen to on all major platforms including (but not limited to) Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and Spotify. Search Instagram for the official teaser to be released, which will contain the exact launch date of the third series.

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