Crazy Stage Designs From The All Time World Tour: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga & More!


Whenever artists release a new album and enter a new era, they go on tour in North America and different parts of the world.

Producing international concerts is no joke as it requires millions of dollars, manpower, costumes, designs and huge stages.

It’s a win-win situation for the artist and his fans, because the former earn millions of dollars, and their supporters would see them in person with a huge production.

From Katy Perry to U2, here are the craziest world tour set designs of all time.

Lady Gaga – Born This Way Prom Tour

In addition to her music, Lady Gaga is known for having out-of-this-world artistic concepts, and she never fails to bring them to life.

During her “Born This Way” era, Mother Monster embarked on a total of 98 shows around the world for her third concert tour.

Gaga has traveled to different continents like the Americas, Oceania, Africa and Europe.

For her set design, Lady Gaga featured an enormous medieval castle that went perfectly with her frequent costume changes and big props like an inflatable pregnant woman and a floating alien-like head named Mother GOAT (Government Owned Alien Territory).

In total, his tour grossed over $183.9 million.

Katy Perry – California Dreams Tour

Katy Perry was able to translate her Candyland-themed music video for “California Girls” into reality when she went on her second tour in support of her third studio album, “Teenage Dream.”

The “California Dreams Tour” design featured giant candies adorning the stage to match Perry’s colorful and tasty candy-inspired costumes.

Perry then starred in an autobiographical documentary called “Katy Perry: Part of Me”, which featured several performances from her shows.

The world tour, which included 124 shows around the world, grossed $59.5 million.

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U2 – 360 World Tour

U2’s “360 World Tour” was one of the greatest tours of all time as it spanned over two years across Europe, North America, Africa, Oceania and South America.

The tour chose stadium locations to fit their gigantic stage, which resembles an alien structure.

Fast Company reported that Hoberman Associates designed the stage and nearly all locations were full.

In total, the tour garnered 7 million attendees and grossed $736,421,584.

Slipknot – Knotfest

Metal rock band Slipknot continue to shock fans with their over-the-top stage design, complete with pyrotechnics, fire and large LED screens.

In early reports, “Knotfest” was described as a “dark carnival”-themed music festival.

As well as performing on stage, the event, which is set to travel the world again this year, features carnival tents, amusement park rides, burlesque performers and more.

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