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It is a dark and stormy night. . . The guests have been invited. . . (Left to right) Miss Scarlet (Robin Mae Becar), Professor Plum (Jason Sharp), Mrs. White (Deya Ozburn), Mr. Green (Frank Roberts) and Mrs. Peacock (Dana Galagan). Photos courtesy of Dennis K Photography.

Life is a game and something is brewing. We are in 1954, when McCarthyism condemned people and named names whether they were guilty of anything or not. . . “I am not a Communist, I am a Republican.

The play is based on the 1985 Jonathan Lynn film, which is based on the Hasbro board game “Clue” with additional material from Hunter Foster, Sandy Rustin, and Eric Price. It contains music by David Abbinanti. It is directed by Jennifer York.

Small church in the meadow

It is a dark and stormy night, near Washington DC. It all takes place at Boddy Manor (a mansion of epic proportions and terrifying secrets). The guests have been invited. No one is what he claims to be; each character has something to hide and blackmail to pay for. Mr. Boddy brings together the cast of characters we all know and love if we’ve played the game before. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter: Colonel Mustard (Mark Peterson), Mrs. White (Deya Ozburn), Mrs. Peacock (Dana Messina Galagan), Mr. Green (Frank Roberts), Professor Plum (Jason Sharp) and Miss Scarlet (Robin Mae Becar). The butler, Wadsworth (Mauro Bozzo) greets them into the mansion on a stormy evening, that’s when deadly hijackings ensue as planned. The rest of the cast includes Hanna Hahn as Housekeeper, Yvette, Janice Williams as dual cook and cop, Keith Ordonez as Mr. Boddy and Chief of Police, Allen Melo as a motorist and a cop. Valentine Fry is a brief, very brief breath of fresh air as a singing telegram girl.

Miss Scarlet (Robin Mae Becar), Mr. Green (Frank Roberts), Wadsworth (Mauro Bozzo), Ms. Peacock (Dana Galagan), Professor Plum (Jason Sharp), Mr. Boddy (Keith Orodonez) and Colonel Mustard (Mark Peterson). Photos courtesy of Dennis K Photography.

Of the five guests, I’ve seen two on stage lately – Miss Scarlet (Robin Mae Becar) and Mr. Green (Frank Roberts). Both actors were in “The Importance of Being Serious” at CenterStage at Federal Way. Robin also works as an administrative assistant for CenterStage. I love the way our local actors like to perform in the various venues in the Puget Sound area. It’s nice to know that we have a lot of talent in our own backyard. I look forward to seeing more work from the other three guests as well.

CPA Brink & Sadler

Two other familiar faces were Butler Wadsworth (Mauro Bozzo) and Mr. Boddy (Keith Orodonez) both standing. Bozzo did a great job in TLT’s “A Chorus Line” and TLT’s “Cabaret”. There will be a cover of “A Chorus Line” in 2022, so I hope to see Bozzo again soon. As Peg and I walked home after seeing “Clue On Stage” I told Peg that I thought Orodonez was one of the conductors playing “Toledo Surprise” in “The Drowsy Chaperone” by Tacoma Musical Playhouse. , another favorite local production. The program mentions the production, but not the role. . . but here I am rarely wrong.

Soon the body count begins. New body, different part, different weapon.

Soon the body count begins. . . Ms. Peacock (Dana Galagan), Mr. Green (Frank Roberts), Colonel Mustard (Mark Peterson), Cook (Janice Williams) and Professor Plum (Jason Sharp). Photos courtesy of Dennis K Photography.
Pierce College

While the blame and suspicion changes with each comment, death, and location, guests fear for their own lives as well as their reputation. No, it’s not a conga line. . . I love this scene of every suspect lined up and trying the old crystal glass hearing ploy to get away.

Each actor took his play with skill, humor and language in every cheek. The star of the show, however, was none of the above. The star of the show was the rotating stage. The turntable doesn’t get used every year, but when in use it adds tremendously to the enjoyment of production. This year, he deserves all the distinctions he collects. Jennifer York (director and stage artist), Frank Roberts (senior carpenter / property manager), Christian Lovallo (backstage technician), Blake R. York (graphic design) and the whole build and paint crew: Gunnar Johnson, Karar Almozani, Nathan Lovitt, Hana Hahn, Ana Quinn, Teresa Byrd, Erin Changrau and Brittany Griffins created a fantastic moving set that worked its own entertainment magic. It was so much more than just putting a new set back on, but some sets also had furniture changes, which made the mansion feel like it lasted forever. Not only did the scenery change behind the actors, but sometimes the actors walked from set to set standing in the same place. It was just really well done and orchestrated.

The Ancient Crystal Glass Hearing Ploy to Drop Gutters – Miss Scarlet (Robin Mae Becar), Professor Plum (Jason Sharp), Mrs. White (Deya Ozburn), Mr. Green (Frank Roberts) and Mrs. Peacock (Dana Galagan). Photos courtesy of Dennis K Photography.
Edward Jones - Bart Dalton

This play has been produced in a number of cities across the United States, but I pity them if they don’t have the turntable and sets that make Tacoma Little Theater what it is.

Much like the board game, “Clue On Stage” is a good, clean fun. The shows run until November 7. All members of the public must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. For more details, please visit our main page.

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