Check out this concrete Hanukkah menorah


This aerated concrete Hanukkah menorah rethinks a traditional design

Design brand Rubble’s Hanukkah menorah sees traditional object reinvented for a new generation

“Making a menorah is like making a musical instrument,” says Max Voss-Lloyd of design label Rubble. “It’s an object with a standard set of rules to make it suitable for celebrating Jewish Hanukkah. “

Voss-Lloyd has united the contemporary with the traditional in their design crafted from aerated concrete, a lightweight form of concrete that allows for easy shaping and requires only the use of a chisel and saw. Most importantly, the material is non-flammable. “The material offers endless creative possibilities. I can work it wet or dry, but it’s dusty work, so I finish the last few steps by dipping it in water. Once the sculpting and sanding process is complete and the concrete has had a few days to dry, I love the texture and tone of the material, ”explains the designer.

“The most obvious design consideration here is the middle candle arm, the shamash, because it has to be higher than the rest. I am reimagining a Hanukkah menorah for a new generation. It was an interesting exercise to redraw this iconic piece through the lens of the Stone Age. Overall, I’m looking for balance and harmony. ‘

The brittleness of the material became apparent when Voss-Lloyd created nine equal spaces for the spark plugs, while its unpredictability also makes the sanding process precarious.

The Hanukkah menorah joins the Rubble collection of table lamps and candle holders. “Our goal is to have fun and create timeless, biomorphic objects that evoke not only a personality, but also a sense of history and history,” says Voss-Lloyd. “I love making functional items and hope to see them installed in homes for years to come. It is extremely satisfying to think that once a year our menorah will be in the spotlight in many homes and be an integral part of a family celebration. §

Table lamp by Rubble, with aerated concrete base


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