Chanel and Dior execs on tap to chat: Inside the new audio app democratizing career advice


For Dior chief digital officer Zohar Benjelloun, “the need to be well-rounded is the most important thing I try to impress on the people I hire and advise,” she says. “Ironically, the most defended thing in the industry is not your knowledge of fashion, but everything to do with it. Tell me about the movie you just saw, or a passage from a book that moved you, or someone that made an impression on you…these are the things that drive impactful work in the industry.

It’s crucial for brands to allow executives of different seniorities to participate, says Malmros. “Think of it as being on a timeline. People want to talk to someone who’s two or three years ahead, not 20 or 30, because then they’re just getting a sound bite of their whole life and that doesn’t necessarily help them deal with that they are currently going through. ”

Mr. Porter saw an opportunity that matched his brand values ​​and commitments, said Sabah Naqushbandi, director of global marketing. The Yoox Net-a-Porter-owned retailer has signed a partnership with Anyone who will see a number of its employees across different departments join the platform over time, which means forgoing strict approval processes. “Our people, the talent, are at the heart of the business. They are also the best defenders of our brand values. While we obviously have business goals to reach and sell to more people, we are also looking for ways to connect more deeply with our audience and potential customers. »

As the platform evolves, one of the challenges will be ensuring that advisors actually pick up the phone when contacted. Another potential issue will be user regulation as the app grows, Malmros says. “Right now we are a gated and safe community. But, with my experience at Google, I’ve seen people with big intentions build things with unintended consequences, so it’s our priority to grow the business safely and ethically.

Everyone is working on developing algorithms that in the future can support matchmaking. The goal is to allow users to provide context about themselves or their situation and receive recommendations on who they should talk to, instead of proactively seeking them out. For brands and users looking to engage with the app, Malmros’ main advice is to give and take advice with caution. “The person giving advice can never know the full context of the recipient, and vice versa,” he explains. “We train our users extensively so that they share relevant experiences that others can learn from and apply to their lives.”

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Correction: This article has been updated to indicate that Dior Chief Digital Officer Zohar Benjelloun is female. An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to Benjelloun as “he”. (05/09/2022)

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