Cal Poly unveils the design of the 2022 Rose Parade float


SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif .– Cal Poly students channel nursery rhymes for their latest Rose Parade float, but with a space-themed twist.

The 2022 version of the tank, called “Stargrazers”, is based on “Hey Diddle Diddle”.

It is complete with a cat and a violin, as well as a cow leaping over the moon while carrying a jet pack made from milk cans and other agricultural materials.

In this version of the beloved Mother Goose nursery rhyme, the cows, the cat and a small dog work together to build a jetpack and make the jump to the cow moon possible. The tank shows the different stages of the process of making the technology needed for the jump.

“Just like our cows building their jet packs, it will take building, making mistakes, taking apart and rebuilding so that we can make this float look like it does on parade day,” said Avi McManus, vice-president. president of San Luis. The Obispo team, in a press release.

The Rose Parade is set to return on New Years Day 2022 after being canceled last year due to the pandemic.

The Cal Poly float, which is assembled by students from the San Luis Obispo and Pomona campuses, is the only float built by students in the parade.

The school says the float is trying to be an example of the 2022 theme of the theme: “Dream. Believe. Realize.”

This is the 133rd year for the Rose Parade and the 73rd entry for Cal Poly.


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