Best crossover fighting games of all time, ranked


It might seem odd these days in the age of cinematic universes and limited-time promos, but crossovers weren’t always very common, especially not in the fighting game space. However, as the ’90s gave way to the new millennium, the eternal heavyweights of the fighting game community began to innovate. Characters from street fighter were quickly seen taking on Marvel Comics’ most iconic heroes in games such as Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and X-Men vs. Street Fighter. All the while, the minds and developers of companies like SNK were going through their own franchises such as Fatal fury and The art of fighting. The floodgates are on for good, and the fighting game community has never been quite the same.

Since the mid-90s launched a generation of crossover fighting games, there has been a lot to celebrate when it comes to the diversity of the characters. This is never seen again for a fight between Ryu and Wolverine or mega man and Iron Man. games like Mortal Kombat X even featured slasher villains such as Jason Voorhees and Leatherface. Nowadays, when an AAA fighting game comes out, players all over the world are still speculating on the crossover characters whether they are suggested or not.

We’re in a sort of golden age of fighting game crossover, but it wouldn’t have been possible without historic titles. It sure doesn’t hurt to take a look at some of these titles even now.

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5. SoulCalibur II (2002)

Image via Namco

Although the series born from the success of Soul edge is now well known for his crossover guest characters, Soul Calibur II was the first entry in the series to feature them, and it was done in a huge way given the period. Although cross games such as Super Smash Bros. Melee were already on the market, Soul Calibur II introduced a guest character exclusive to each platform the game has been featured on, two of which would not be seen in one Smash bros game at the time.

Gamecube lovers Soul Calibur II once again in the skin of Link, the savior of Hyrule and protagonist of THE Legend of Zelda. Playstation fighters could command the intense body shots worn by Heihachi Mishima from the Tekken series. Xbox gamers may have been particularly thrilled, as Todd McFarlaneThe iconic anti-hero Spawn has been made available to play.

Even if Soulcalibur II didn’t feature the massive crossover distribution of some games, it introduced many gamers to the idea of ​​crossover characters. The popularity of these three characters is always linked to the fighting game community, as Heihachi returns to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a background character while his son Kazuya fights as a playable fighter. After constant pushes from fans, Spawn also made a comeback to fighting games in Mortal Kombat 11 as a downloadable fighter.


4. The King of Fighters ’98: The Slugfest (1998)

Image via SNK

During the growing popularity of arcade fighting games, SNK has made its mark with several different fighting game series such as Fatal fury and The art of fighting. With the release of The king of fighters series, SNK has taken its collective fighting game universe and combined it while creating original characters to blend into the two major series. Entrances everywhere KOF even sported characters from other SNK titles such as Garou: Mark of Wolves, Samurai Shodown, Ikari Warriors, and Psychopathic soldiers.

At their base, the king of fighters the games maintain gameplay similar to that of Fatal fury. However, King of Fighters 98 includes the additional playing styles included in King of Fighters ’97. With these playstyles, players could choose between Advanced or Extra mode when choosing a fighter. When a player loses a round, a handicap is assigned to him according to the style of play he has chosen. This primarily relates to the character’s power bar in these two ways.

The huge list of KOF ’98 has set the bar for SNK’s trademark fighting game series for quite some time. Today’s players who have never played Fatal fury Where The art of fighting are now more familiar with his characters thanks to their consistent inclusion in The king of fighters. Fatal furythe protagonist (Terry Bogard) and the antagonist (Geese Howard) even recently appeared in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Tekken 7 respectively, a testament to the popularity and resistance of the characters.

Image via Capcom

Although the heavyweights of Capcom and SNK have already faced off a year ago, Capcom vs. SNK 2 Where CvS2 Improved the team combat system of its predecessor for optimal balance and accessibility. Capcom’s roster included pillars of the street fighter, the dark stalkers, Rival schools, and Final fight while also featuring newcomers like Eagle, which had only been seen in the background of the original street fighter That much.

On the side of SNK, many regulars of the series of Fatal fury and The art of fighting made an appearance, but brought popular choices of The king of fighters, Psychopathic soldiers, Garou: Mark of Wolves and Samurai Shodown also. The game’s ratio system assigned a value to the number of characters players bring into a fight. A team of three fighters will be weaker than a team of one or two men for balance reasons.

One of the most entertaining aspects of CvS2 is its “Groove” combat system. After selecting a team, players could select a groove, each a different play scheme intended to emulate a different Capcom or SNK fighting game. For example, the P-Groove worked similarly to the gameplay in Street Fighter III with parries and jumps, while N-Groove imitated King of Fighters ’97multi-stored movement and super gauge. This provided a whole new level of gameplay customization, and it’s interesting playing Capcom characters in SNK playstyles and vice versa.

2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo’s brawling crossover to finish them all, and the top of the Super Smash Bros. series to a lot when it comes to character options. With a total of 82 characters from a myriad of franchises featured on Nintendo consoles at one point or another (although there are a few exceptions), Ultimate smash brings the accessibility of a platform-based brawler and fills it with characters. The list may not be perfect for some hardcore Smash gamers who wanted something a little different, but for casual and veteran gamers, there’s a character for almost any playstyle you can think of.

The beauty of Smash bros has always been its accessibility. It’s a fantastic game for both friendly gatherings and parties, but it has also been a staple in the fighting game tournament scene for decades. You can joke around with items or turn them off and go head-to-head on an Omega stage for bragging rights. And as far as the characters are concerned, few fighting games (apart from MUGEN) can match the massive list of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Image via Capcom

If the words “I wanna take you for a ride” occur to you, then you probably know this title well enough to deserve the top spot. Capcom’s best against Marvel Comics’ motley team of super-beings was a match in heaven. Although the original Marvel vs. Capcom turns the wheels, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is the crown jewel of fighting game crossovers. While the competitive balance between the characters was not great (a lot of Cable, Storm, Magneto, and Sentinel during high-level play), the huge roster of 56 characters included both dark and beloved fighters. . There were even characters created specifically for the game like Amingo the Cactus.

The gameplay in Wonder 2 is quick, hits hard, and requires quick reactions and inputs. When some fighters have the ability to shoot beams damn close to the size of the screen, offensive and defensive play becomes paramount for their survival in a match. Squad makeup is also important, as a player’s three-player squad can live or die depending on the assists they can bring during battle from their characters waiting behind the scenes. But if the intensity of competition isn’t your thing, pick three Servbots and go for it with a character with a small hitbox. There is an insane amount of fun to be had in Wonder 2, And there’s something for everyone.

Whether they played it on console or in an arcade, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is almost universally loved. Its characters, sprite and background, along with its unforgettable soundtrack, make for the best crossover fighting game ever. There might be a day when he loses his crown, but for now, Wonder 2 is always looked at with almost unanimous adoration. It may take a while to match this kind of passion.


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