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WHERE WERE YOU ON DECEMBER 2? Do this on December 2, 1990. Paul Dehner, Jr. of The Athletic did his due diligence and asked some of the players and Taylor on Wednesday if they knew the last time the Bengals beat the Steelers three in a row. .

They did not do it. But talk about an ugly style. It was a brutal 16-12 affair at old Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh on the way to the Bengals’ last AFC Central title. They completed a series of sweeps holding the Steelers four-goal on Gary Anderson in a game Tim Krumrie recovered a fumble, James Francis had a sack and Mitchell Price had an interception. The Bengals rushed for 165 yards, Boomer Esiason hit Eddie Brown with a 50-yard touchdown pass in a secondary that had Rod Woodson at the cornerback and the only guys left who covered it are Bengals radio analyst Dave Lapham and a wayward scribe who struck a tome for the now deceased Cincinnati Post. And Dehner, who started it all, was ten years old.

“Wow. I wasn’t even born,” said Bates, who was seven years later. “I’m a Midwestern guy. I’ve always heard of the Steelers, Ravens, Bengals type of play. Yeah, people know what that game means. Not for our season this year, but bragging rights for them. fans and the city and to Mr. (Mike) Brown. Upstairs. Everyone in this organization. This game. Any game in the division is very important. I hope we can have a win and write history as well. “

Bates knows what this means. They all do. The same goes for Taylor, who was in second year in Norman, Okla.

“It matters. It matters to everyone. It matters to everyone in this building, in this city, in this state. You certainly feel it,” Taylor said. “It doesn’t mean that we change our approach and how we do it. We know that when we walk the pitch it will be a battle. It’s a great opportunity to be a part of games like this.

” 1990 ? I was seven years old. And I was in pre-K, whatever, I don’t know. Growing up you dreamed I would watch games with the Bengals logo on the helmet and the Steelers logo and you could never imagine being in that position. Be a part of this game that affects people everywhere. Everyone lives and dies with this game. It’s a cool thing to be a part of it. We don’t lose sight of that, so we put everything we have in these games because we know how much it matters. Not just for us, but also for the community. “

INURY UPDATE: Bengals wide receiver Auden Tate (thigh) has apparently relapsed. He did two full days last week, but didn’t train on Sunday and didn’t train on Wednesday. Everyone seems ready to go.

“We’re kind of slowing it down this week,” Taylor said. “He’s doing all he can. We just have to slow him down this week. It’ll be touch and go for Auden this week.”


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