Cash loans

In the loan market, there are a number of types of loans such as the large mortgage loans and the small micro loans. Somewhere between these you usually put in private loans that can be small but also quite large. Lenders has chosen to go in among these private loans and has done so with a loan in the lower […]

Why Not Lend Money?

Recently, the network more and more stories appear people who are faced with the problem of borrowing money from friends and acquaintances. Unfortunately, it often happens that those who take money rarely give it back or do it with great reluctance. Here is one story, why not lend money: A few months ago, I lent my girlfriend money to pay […]

Who More Often Borrows Money?

The National Bureau of Credit Histories has extensive information on loans, loans and borrowers in our country. Specialists of this organization often conduct research and know well who more often borrow money. So, according to another study, it turned out that the Republic of Bashkortostan has been the record for the total amount of payday loans received over the past […]

Payday Loan Actively Cleans The Microloan Market

Since the beginning of 2016, more than 200 microfinance organizations have been excluded from the register. This happens because of non-compliance with the law, which, it should be noted, is changing and supplementing rather quickly. The BCA Bank has been active in regulating microfinance organizations lately. New laws are being issued to tighten this control, and appropriate penalties are imposed […]

Borrowing Money

When we urgently needed a sum of money, we mainly think about two things – where to get them and what to spend. But we must not forget that getting money in debt is a crucial moment. From this point on, the person assumes the responsibility to return the money back and, if he took a loan or credit, pay […]