Atlanta’s “Pothole Posse” is about to return


ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) — It’s a familiar sight and sound in the city, with motorists dodging and weaving Atlanta’s notorious potholes.

“They’re everywhere you go man. On every street I go there’s a pothole somewhere, what can I do about it,” said a deliveryman in the Pittsburgh area of ​​Atlanta.

People tell CBS46 they’re so synonymous with the city, it’s like saying peaches and Georgia.

“It wouldn’t be Atlanta without potholes,” said a landlord who has lived in the Pittsburgh neighborhood for decades and didn’t want his name used.

But there could be relief in sight.

“One thing you’re going to love is that we’re reviving the ‘Pothole Posse,'” Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens said.

The mayor making the announcement at the city’s state address.

“The need to supercharge some of our services was obvious,” Dickens said. “Our ATL DOT teams will be driving around the city with the goal of patching 30 potholes a day. I know I should get a round of applause for this, the pothole group.

The Pittsburgh community has sorely declared that something is needed at the corner of Mayland Circle and Mayland Ave.

“How long do you think you’ve been trying to take care of this pothole?” asked CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy.

“About 3-4 years,” the Pittsburgh owner said.

Community members also noticed the potholes near the corner of University Ave SW and Welch St SW, saying they had long asked the city to fix them.

All are hoping that the pothole laying will go soon so the temporary fixes can become permanent.

“I filled it with leaves to try to soften the blow because once they hit it, you hear it, babump,” the Pittsburgh owner said.


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