Animal Crossing players create stunning balconies using partition illusions



While the Animal crossing: new horizons Update 2.0 added tons of new stuff, the Happy home paradise The add-on has seriously improved the way players design houses for villagers. DLC not only gives players new opportunities to show off their design skills, with tons of homes and other facilities on the island to decorate, but it also unlocks new features that make home decorating even more satisfying. and creative. Unlocks include polishing, changing the size of parts and, optionally, partitions and pillars.

These features are fun in themselves, to add real dimension and life to interiors. But coupled with the update’s addition of accent walls, which allow players to customize a wall rather than applying wallpaper to it. all wall, they can be applied for a really beautiful effect. And New Horizons players do just that. They use accent walls – some of which looked quite old-fashioned before, when they took up an entire wall space – and well-placed partitions, pillars and fence elements to create the illusion of balconies, doors – windows, beach views and other luxury items. views.

If balconies and ocean views aren’t quite your mood, here are some lovely French doors, columns, and windows:

New Horizons Players have long used custom designs to create more immersive and stylized islands, making hats look like food and creating cute standees. They often combine these designs with optical illusions, like custom umbrellas placed on the floor, to create a cubic perspective – perfect for reflecting the look of a toy chest or GameCube – and use bridges and custom path designs for a floating island. -the gaze of the sky.

Happy home paradise, in collaboration with the famous New Horizons 2.0, gave gamers an even bigger toolbox to play. And the results continue to stun.



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