Ambitious budget for a fairer and more prosperous Scotland


05 Dec. 2021 00:01

The plans will support families during the cost of living crisis.

Initiatives to tackle the climate emergency, support economic recovery and reduce inequality will be at the heart of this year’s Scottish budget.

The 2022-2023 budget, which will be presented to the Scottish Parliament on December 9, will set out how the Scottish government will chart a course that will make Scotland a fairer, more prosperous and greener country.

Speaking ahead of the Scottish budget, Finance Secretary Kate Forbes said it came against a difficult budget background and the impacts of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Ms Forbes said:

“This is a critical time for Scotland – we are still in the grips of the pandemic and families and businesses across the country are bearing the brunt of the cost of living crisis. However, in these times of crisis, we must go beyond the norm.

“While the pandemic may have defined our lives in recent times, the Scottish government is determined not to define our future. The Scottish budget 2022-2023 which I will present on Thursday is another stepping stone towards a fairer, greener and more prosperous future.

‘This budget will bring security and stability to families while working to reduce inequalities, the process of which has already started with the Prime Minister who recently announced the doubling of the child payment to £ 20 per child per week from April of next year, reaching over 105,000 children under 6 in just four months. When we extend the Scottish Child Payment to everyone under 16 at the end of next year, more than 400,000 children and their families will be eligible.

“We will also invest in infrastructure that will allow us to reduce emissions and create the green jobs of the future that accompany the transition to a greener Scotland and outline plans to strengthen our economic recovery and support our public services.

“This year’s budget comes against a difficult budgetary backdrop due to the UK government’s decision to cut Scotland’s daily spending by cutting ongoing COVID funding, despite the lingering effects of the pandemic. The budget I will present on Thursday will allow the Scottish government to deliver on its promise to build a fairer and greener Scotland. It is our social, economic and environmental imperative.


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