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Movie crossovers in video games come in all shapes and sizes; whether Rambo and John McClane in War zone, or Arnold Schwarzenegger in Mortal combat, many action movies have come to games. Even beyond the actors, there are references, locations, and items from movies that have also found their way into games, ranging from subtle Easter eggs to overt allusions to the movies. Rocket league is one of the many popular games that has added a lot of content based on sponsorships and crossovers with other big movie franchises, such as Fast Furious, a lot of Batman/CC movie theater, ghost hunters, and more recently with the 007 movies.

How time passes, Rocket league has seen many pop culture references added to the car roster. Addition of the classic Aston Martin DB5 from James bond means there is certainly room for more iconic movie cars to join the already impressive collection of movie cars. Even with the elegant Fast and furious Skyline GT-R, as well as the iconic Back to the future DeLorean DMC-12, there is still a plethora of vehicles that could be featured in a seasonal expansion or crossover DLC.

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Lotus Spirit of the spy who loved me

James bond 007 lotus underwater spirit car

Of course, when someone thinks of the car James Bond would drive, everyone thinks of British automaker Aston Martin. Specifically, fans are thinking of the Aston Martin DB5, which first appeared in the movie starring Sean Connery 007 movie The golden finger. However, over the years and many new entries in the 007 franchise, there have been several fantastic “Bond cars” that would fit right into Rocket league alongside the future Aston Martin DB5.

A good example that comes to mind would be the Lotus Esprit of The spy who loved me, and could even sport his underwater body kit (although ideally without water on stage for a Rocket league match). Honorable mention would go to the new Aston Martin DBS V12 and V12 Vanquish from Casino Royale and Die another day, or maybe the BMW Z8 from The world is not enough.

‘Herbie’, the 1963 VW Beetle from the Love Bug

Herbie car vw beetle

While it might not be as iconic as it used to be, the old VW Beetle with its own spirit would be a wacky but endearing addition to the Rocket league car list. There probably wouldn’t be much customization for the Herbie car, given that it has a very specific design, but it would still be an iconic addition to the list. Even though the players don’t remember the old one The love bug films from 1968 onwards, the Herbie Beetle is still a fairly well-known design in terms of movie cars. More, Rocket league never really had a Beetle-like design in any of its original cars, despite similarly sized cars with different designs.

Ferris Bueller’s “Ferrari” of the day off

ferris bueller's day off ferrari

Placed alongside supercars already on the list, such as the McLaren 570S, the “Ferrari” of Ferris Bueller’s day off would be a perfect addition to a movie car Rocket league. Whereas the iconic Ferrari “Racing Red” has already honored Fortnite with its presence in the Ferrari 296 GTB, bringing another iconic Ferrari to Rocket league makes even more sense. Even though the original Ferrari in the movie is actually a replica of the original 250 GT California Spyder, being able to score goals in the iconic coupe would be a tough nut to crack. If a Ferrari can end up in Fortnite, so what’s stopping another more iconic Ferrari from ending up in Rocket league?

Christine’s 1958 Plymouth Fury

christine red plymouth fury movie poster

Speaking of iconic red cars, a certain Stephen King powered addition to Rocket league could add a touch of horror to the car list. ChristineThe iconic Red Ranger would make a lot of sense given the combative nature of Rocket league, and is easily one of the most iconic movie cars ever made. Originally envisioned by King as a 1958 Plymouth Fury, a young teenager named Arnie buys the unassuming classic car to make a statement to his friends.

Soon after driving the car, Arnie begins to develop a manic personality, while the Plymouth Fury becomes increasingly sensitive and aggressive. This aptly named “Fury” would be a sinister addition to Rocket leaguelist of cars worthy of intimidating all opponents.

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The crew of the Mini Cooper from Italian work

italian work mini cooper

A specific car model that belongs to Rocket league would be the Mini Cooper crew known from the chase scene in Italian work. These little power monsters were unique for a Hollywood chase scene, in large part because the narrow streets of Europe led to the perfect avenue for showcasing British compact cars. After successfully executing one of the greatest gold robberies in history, Michael Caine’s Crooker and his team escape Italian police across the city of Turin in a Mini Cooper. The addition of this iconic trio of Mini Coopers in Rocket league was an addition to the game often requested by fans and would be an ideal compact choice for Rocket league.

1968 Ford Mustang GT from Bullitt

bullitt ford mustang 1968

Marking one of the most iconic, if not the most iconic, car chase scenes in American cinema history, Steve McQueen’s famous 1969 Ford Mustang from Bullitt would have been an even better Mustang to put in Rocket league. The game already features a modernized Ford Mustang from the Nascar / F1 DLC bundle released in April, however, the Bullitt version of the Mustang would be the perfect movie car for Rocket league. Any movie buff or vintage car enthusiast would be delighted with the Bullitt Mustang in their car collection, making all the fancy driving movies the “King of Cool” made over fifty years ago now.

Chevrolet Camaro from Transformers

transformers drone 2007 chevy camaro ss

Last but not least, an easy gift for iconic movie cars would be the one from the Transformers movies, and what better to add than the iconic Camaro from Bumblebee. First shown in the titular 2007 film, Bumblebee’s humble beginnings begin with a battered 1977 Chevrolet Camaro Z / 28, though the Autobot adapts and eventually changes to a 2007 Camaro SS. Bumblebee’s Form changes in the many Michael Bay Transformers films, up to standalone Bumblebee film in 2018. The iconic black and yellow Camaro would be a shoe for Rocket league, bringing the fighting spirit of the space motor knight into the game.

Rocket league is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One,

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