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There is no shortage of home security companies and products that provide peace of mind in a variety of ways. Abode, whose primary product offering is whole home security and surveillance systems, has a new home security camera. The $ 35 Cam 2 home is affordable, can be used with or without a full Abode security system, and with a $ 15 monthly subscription, the camera will keep a 24/7 record of everything in sight.

We tested the Abode Cam 2 over the past few weeks and found it to be a high-quality, capable camera that costs a lot less than it should.

A quality affordable home security camera

The Abode Cam 2 offers excellent video quality for monitoring pets and their loved ones at a low cost.

Who is he talking to : The Cam 2 home is not just for increased home security. At $ 35, it’s a simple, inexpensive way to save your pets, kids, or home while you’re away. You don’t need to subscribe to a plan if you want to use it as a long-distance monitor, and at this price, the build and picture quality is fantastic.

What would you like to know: The $ 35 Abode camera can do more than live stream whatever it gives to your phone or computer. You can go for a monthly subscription of $ 15 and it will store the last 10 days of video 24/7 in the Abode cloud. But you don’t have to pay monthly to use Cam 2. Forfeiting any type of subscription will still allow you to stream live from the camera at any time. Or for $ 6 per month, it will record video clips triggered by motion or people and put 10 days of clips at your fingertips.

How it compares: The Abode Cam 2 looks a lot like another low-cost security camera, the $ 29.99 Wyze Cam V3. In addition to cloud monitoring, the Wyze V3 Camera can record directly to a microSD for those who don’t want the video to be stored in the cloud. Ring $ 59.99 Indoor Camera is more expensive and can be added to any existing Ring monthly subscription. If you’re looking for an inexpensive camera to keep an eye on your pets, kids, or front door, Abode’s Cam 2 is a great fit, thanks to its clear image and $ 35 price tag.

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Included in the box with the Cam 2 home are the camera, a USB cable used to power the Cam 2, and a wall adapter. There are also two mounting screws and the necessary hardware if you want to permanently mount the camera to a wall or outside your home. The easiest route is the base built into the camera.

The front of the camera is predominantly black except for the lower left corner which is cut off with a burst of white. The entire case is a small square measuring 1.97 inches in all directions. It’s damn symmetrical. There’s a rotating and adjustable base built into the camera, allowing you to stand it upright and make sure it’s positioned just to frame the area you want it to overlook.

If you’ve ever watched or used a Wyze Cam, then the design will look very familiar to you. The Wyze’s square design with the included base doesn’t look as well-crafted as the Abode Cam 2, but the two cameras are very similar in design.

On the back of the Cam 2 is a Micro USB port which provides power, a speaker for two-way communication and a button to reset the camera.

The camera body has an IP65 rating for water and dust resistance to protect it from rain or occasional snowstorms if you decide to place it outdoors. Abode claims the included cable is weatherproof, but we’ll just make sure you plug into a suitable outdoor power outlet.

Once we decided where to install the camera in our home office, we downloaded the Abode app, created a free account, and followed the app’s instructions to activate the camera. Overall, it took less than five minutes to go from unboxing the Cam 2 to a working camera sitting on a corner shelf that could stream live video to our iPhone 12 Pro.

After weeks of testing, the Cam 2 delivered an impressive video with lots of detail. Everything is captured by a 121 degree horizontal field lens with 1080p video quality. This unique lens effortlessly captures a large area, such as our home office.

The video quality, day or night, is impressive. While the Wyze Cam V3 also captures 1080p video, the Cam 2 homeThe video of us looks much better to us.

Whenever it gets dark, Cam 2 uses ambient light, whether from a nearby street lamp or the moon, to add color to videos. In an environment that does not have enough ambient light, the camera will still record black and white video. In our testing, the room was too dark for color video, but black-and-white video still looks high-definition and lacks areas that are too saturated that you can’t understand what you’re looking at.

The camera’s biggest weakness is two-way audio, with audio from phone to camera often unrecognizable. We found ourselves having to repeat ourselves several times before our message was properly conveyed. This is possible thanks to a built-in speaker and microphone.

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The app makes it easy to quickly view recorded clips, whether from a push alert or when viewing the camera timeline. This makes recording a clip or sharing a clip very easy.

You also have the option of setting up one or two activity zones, which tell the camera where to monitor movement or people while ignoring the rest of the zone. You can also enable an option that displays a small box whenever the camera detects motion in a clip, which is extremely useful if you’re trying to figure out what triggered the motion alert.

We were surprised by the overall video quality of the Cam 2 home. The crisp image and 24/7 recording make this a trustworthy home security product that adds peace of mind. Don’t expect to yell at someone at your doorstep and make it clear to them the first time.

Abode currently offers three different monthly plans that you can use with the Cam 2. Prices range from free to $ 15 per month, with varying levels of capacity. We will try to break plans that even we, of course, had difficulty understanding.

You can buy a Cam 2 for $ 35, set it up, and use it to stream live video to your phone. The cost for this is $ 0 per month, but the camera won’t monitor movement or people – it won’t record any activity at all. It’s basically a camera in your home that you can use to monitor your pets, kids, or just make sure everything is okay at home when you’re away.

You can sign up for the Abode Standard package of $ 6 per month which activates the ability for the camera to record video clips whenever people or motion is detected. It’s in addition to being able to watch a livestream. You will be limited to 10 days of video clips captured at this level.

If you want to take it a step further and have access to video clips captured by Cam 2’s 24/7 recording feature, event detection, and live streaming capabilities, it’ll set you back $ 15. per month. This total cost comes from signing up for Abode’s standard $ 6 per month plan, plus the $ 9 per month for 24/7 check-in. It’s really two separate plans stacked together. Signing up for both plans will cover all cameras in your home, so if you choose to add multiple cameras, they will be covered.

At the very least, Abode would benefit from streamlining the plans offered to Cam 2 owners. It’s our job to research and break down the cost of owning a product, and we’ve struggled to decipher the various options for. subscription for Cam 2.

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The Cam 2 home is a bit more expensive than the Wyze Cam V3 at $ 34.99, and it will cost you every month if you want to record video clips because it lacks built-in storage. But you get a better picture and there is something to be said about storing the video in the cloud in case a possible bad guy takes your camera (and the footage it contained with it).

The Abode Cam 2 is a fantastic standalone camera on its own. It is also a great addition to your Abode security system or a good entry point into the Abode home ecosystem.


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