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We have a new movie to stream on Peacock, Meet cute. Is the latest romantic comedy from the streaming platform worth a look? I’m sharing my thoughts on the film and keeping you posted.

Meet cute follows Sheila and Gary, who meet on a first date which apparently isn’t their first because Sheila tells Gary (and us) that she went to a nail salon and found a travel machine in time that takes you back 24 hours. Intrigued by the idea, she tried it and went on to relive the perfect night that saved her life again. The film stars Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson.

As Meet cute progresses, Sheila relives the same 24 hours over and over, and it begins to take its toll on her. The little things about Gary that drive her crazy start to get under her skin, as she gets frustrated with the idea that he can’t change, she returns to the nail salon to find a way to make everything better. that. Unfortunately, the more she manipulates the past, the more trouble it causes on those dates.

Meet Cute is a fun New York rom-com with a time travel twist

We all experience trauma that alters who we are and how we live our lives. Very often we struggle with the idea of ​​whether we could go back and change things, but as this movie proves, going back to change what happened doesn’t mean you’ll end up better or worse. than you were today. Sheila tries to fix Gary and his trauma and because of it she loses the thing that saved her life.

my love for pete davidson has no borders. I was going to a time machine just to hang out with Pete over and over again. I so want to see Pete take more risks in his acting career. Sure, he’s funny, but there can be depth to his acting and we’ve seen flashes of it. I loved him in this movie and the chemistry he and Cuoco share throughout the movie.

There’s no better place to shoot a movie, especially a romantic comedy, than New York. It’s literally the perfect backdrop, ambience, and provides some of the rawest cinematography. When used correctly, it elevates a movie to another level. Director Alex Lehmann knew what he had and made the town its own character, enhancing the relationship between Sheila and Gary.

My biggest issue with the movie was that I didn’t feel like we had a resolution to what Sheila was doing with the time machine. I think I got it, but I’ll let you watch, and we can discuss it later. Other than that, the movie had some of the similar beats to other rom-coms, but the twist in the story makes it stand out.

Globally, Meet cute can be cliche and cheesy at times, but it’s the perfect kind of cliche and cheesy that will have you enjoying the ride. The film has great chemistry between its leads, great writing, and a beautiful backdrop that makes Meet cute a fun addition to the rom-com genre.

Check out the hits from Cute Peacock on September 21.


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