8 Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Quality of Life Improvements


Some of the most exciting things about the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0 – which was released early Wednesday – are Nintendo’s smallest updates it does not have headlines Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct in October.

Yes, the new items and returning villagers are awesome, but dedicated New Horizons gamers are especially excited about some of the quieter changes that make island life a little more enjoyable. Nintendo still hasn’t added the ability to batch craft items, but the developer To been listening. In particular, six new small upgrades come in very handy in daily island life, including DIY recipe storage and Isabelle’s helpful announcements.

More design post slots

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo via JeuxServer

Previously, New Horizons designers were limited in the amount of custom designs they could post online to share through the custom designs portal. For the New Horizons In Update 2.0, Nintendo added a bunch of additional slots: players can now add up to 200 custom designs.

The Custom Design Portal is accessible through the Custom Designs app on the NookPhone. Once opened, press A to enter the portal, where designs can be shared online. A message will appear regarding the new locations – and that’s all there is to it.

If you are not a New Horizons designer, that might not mean much to you, but it’s still a plus. Your favorite designers won’t have to limit themselves or swap designs until they hit the 200 limit now.

DIY storage

Instead of throwing your extra DIY recipes in the trash or dropping them all over your island, you can now store them around your home, for example in storage sections. It’s super easy to do – just click on an item in your pocket and hit the “Store” button to add unique DIY recipes just like any other item. But you can also add in bulk DIY items that lived scattered around your home.

Permanent ladders

A permanent ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo via JeuxServer

Players who are fed up with carrying a ladder all over their islands can now set up permanent ladders using the Ladder Installation Kit Recipe found at Nook’s Cranny. After making the wooden ladder installation kit, it’s easy: just place the kit near a cliff and a ladder will permanently dwell there. This is a good alternative to a slope – they take up a lot of space, and you can only have a number of them too.

More slopes and bridges

Gone are the days when players were limited to eight bridges and slopes. Now you can add 10 in total to your island, in addition to the number of permanent ladders you have as well.

Isabelle’s useful announcements

Isabelle sits at a desk in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

While we love hearing about Isabelle’s daily thoughts, we are happy to see that she has more useful information to share each day. Since the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0, Isabelle now announces the visit of a rotating island merchant. This is especially useful for those who tend to wander, like Saharah. You won’t have to look for it everywhere!

Donation box

donation box for 800 nook miles

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo via JeuxServer

Donation Boxes are a new item that you can purchase as a DIY recipe, available in the Redeem Nook Miles tab at Nook Stop in Resident Services. The recipe costs 800 Nook Miles, and building the box requires both lumber and softwood. Once it’s built, you can place the donation box on your island.

Anyone who visits your island, say to sell turnips or catalog items, can leave Bells by 1,000. Only you can retreat, then.


Isabelle asks a villager about prescriptions

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo via JeuxServer

Ordinances are different rules that make it easier to manage an island. There are four options: the Belle Isle Order, the Early Bird Order, the Night Owl Order, and the Bell Boom Order. These cost 20,000 bells each, but can force your residents to get up earlier or later, raise the prices of buying and selling items, and asking villagers to help them deal with weeds.

Customization options

With the addition of Reese and Cyrus on Harv Island, customization is much easier. The best news is that these two can customize any item purchased with NookMiles; this is useful because usually only one color option is available in this store. To get the other colors, players must trade with others. Once an item is personalized by Reese and Cyrus, the color variant will be cataloged so that it can also be purchased later.


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